Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Why Donald Trump Is the Ideal Politician

Donald Trump is the ideal political candidate! He decided to run for president as an ordinary citizen (with a billions dollar net worth) because he was fed up with the system.
Many of the country's forefathers dreamt of an education and political system designed on "raking a few geniuses from the rubbish." Our political system was not designed to include everyone (sadly), and since its creation, we've been expanding the Constitution's limits to make up for for the founding fathers exclusive nature. Imagine a political system that had intentions of including everyone. This was not a country built for old men (get it?, movie reference). James Madison was only 25 during the creation of the Declaration of Independence, and Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton (my favorite, by the way), were only 20 and 21 years old. Most of the major players were no older than me when they went against one of the greatest empires on Earth and sent the king a breakup letter (I guess long distance just wasn't cutting it).
Donald Trump happens to be older, but he's no different than our Founding Fathers who went to stand up for what they believe in. Despite my personal beliefs of Donald Trump, or the ignorant, sometimes misguided statistics he often dispels, when I watch the Republican debates with Donald Trump, I feel inspired. I find it hard to find a political candidate I truly believe is authentic nowadays (besides Bernie Sanders). Every speech carries the same jargon of making America great, inspiring hope, being the best nation on Earth, restoring the middle class (wow, being a political staff writer must come with a template).
But in the old name of politics, maybe Aaron Burr or James Madison or George Washington came from privilege, but it was their simple ideas that created a nation. They were the millennials and misguided ones of our nation. Donald Trump is no different. He's a man, expressing his political views,and I like to hear him speak, because when he does, you know what he's thinking. He's not the politician to say what he can to get votes. When they ask him a stupid question in the debates, he authentically calls it out. When they ask him an insignificant question, like what's your favorite ice cream, he answers the question. I was genuinely annoyed at the beginning of the October debate, when every other candidate took the opening question to advertise themselves and Donald Trump was the only one who ANSWERED the question, no matter how stupid the question was.
When you vote for politicians, you never know who you are genuinely voting for. However, with Donald Trump, whether you agree with him or not, you know who you are voting for and supporting. That's something I honor and respect, and wish every other candidate running for office would do. If I'm going to vote for a misogynistic, racist politician (not calling Mr. Trump these things, I just believe he is culturally insensitive), then I'd rather know before they're in office, not through a secret tape, or after they are voted in.
It couldn't have been articulated better by anyone else.


  1. To me, Trump has by far been the most in the most interesting candidate to run since I have first been able to understand politics. I agree that he speaks his mind with no bars hold and is not afraid to say what he wants. However, if elected, I would be interested in seeing whether or not he can pull through with what he has spoken about during his campaign. Would building a wall with Mexico paying be even possible? Sure, he wants to put sanctions and taxes on them to get them to pay, but is that really enough? Furthermore, there have been articles that those who are supporting him are pro-"anti-government." I am excited to see how this election turns out for him and America!

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  3. Unlike other politicians, Donald Trump does give off the impression that he genuinely believes in what he is saying, even though you might not agree with his ideas and platform. And you cite this as one of the main reasons why you like him better than other shady, two-faced politicians who will say whatever people want them to say and will not keep their promise at all. However, I think that Trump is like any other politician in the sense that he is doing what he is doing to appeal to his audience, not necessarily believing in what he is saying. I do not think that his lack of political correctness should be viewed as being genuine. He has changed his position on many of the issues, including his infamous perspective on immigration. In 2013, he claimed that he supported immigration reform and showed sympathy for illegal immigrants; however, nowadays, you all know that he wants to build a wall to keep those criminals and rapists out of the United States. This is one example that I consider most blatant, but there are numerous other examples as well, such as gun control, tax policy, and health care. Therefore, even though I do find him entertaining, I do not consider him as the ideal politician.