Thursday, March 10, 2016

We Don't Understand How Donald Trump Got This Far

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I don't understand. I haven't met a single individual who publicly admits that they want Donald Trump to win the presidency or even win the nomination. Members of the Republican Party have even admitted that they would rather support Clinton over Trump. A fact checker for the Washington Post
 “Once again, we are confronted with a nonsense figure from the mouth of Donald Trump. He is either claiming to save four times the entire cost of the Medicare prescription drug system — or he is claiming to make prescription drugs free for every American. Neither is possible.” Mr. Kessler gives Mr. Trump “four Pinocchios,” his highest rating for not being truthful." 

According to polls, his public support is around 49% among Republicans (51% are just supporting others who aren't Trump). I guess when you consider the qualities that he has that makes him likable (needing an anti-establishment figure), he is a necessary evil in deciding who will be pivotal in the election, but it doesn't make much sense that Trump is the leading candidate for the Republican side (Democrats are still arguing about who has more valuable political experience: Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders).

Four years ago, the country pleaded there's no place for business in politics (doesn't make sense if you really understand the current political process). Mitt Romney was one of prime examples of the idea of the unworthy, dishonest businessman. What has changed now? 

Americans are extremely dissatisfied with the system. People are irritated, we're in a moment of social movement (gay marriage, #BlackLivesMatter,third-wave of feminism, free the nipple campaigns) people don't want the status quo. But how does that mean Donald Trump is the answer? It doesn't, people are stupid. Well no, people aren't stupid, but people don't understand politics. Should we vote or consider a candidate because we agree with his anger, but we have no gauging point as to whether he is an effective legislator. 

What is the role of the president of the United States? Should the president be the voice of the people? Should the president be solely responsible for foreign affairs and let Congress handle the rest? Should the president be good at business affairs first an foremost? Because the better the standard of living, the happier and healthier the citizens are.

With every other candidate, people have asked the question. Donald Trump has the dirtiest track record of all the candidates with business dishonesty and endless ad-hominem attacks. 

Who knows, but the White House might become the Trump Tower in the near future, ruining the dreams of other hopeful Americans hoping to either Feel the Bern, gush over Marco Rubio, ignore Ted Cruz, or experience the Clinton Machine. 

But please, can the Trump supporters stand up? No one in America knows who you are. 


  1. I believe Trump has managed to get this far, because of his smart branding and bold type personality. The way I see it is that Trump's supporters see him as a savior to the unemployment problems that they are currently experiencing. Most of his voters are uneducated as this article ( states.

    When you have a guy who can come out and tell the American people that "We have a broken system and I am going to fix it," people are going to rally behind that. I would assume most of his voters have experienced some sort of unemployment or problems with immigration, which is way they support him. Furthermore, they probably feel that his success (or, failure to some) in business is why he can change our nation and "make it great again."

    I also read that those who want anti-establishment are supporting Trump in his race to the office. And, I believe these voters are coming from personal experiences that they have encountered which caused them to think this way. They may be fed up with the way that things are running and the status quo that they support Trump. Furthermore, the attack against Trump by politicians may have made him better in the eyes of Trump supporters.

  2. It seems that people are fed up with the system as you said. People are fed up with losing, losing their jobs, money, homes, etc. Now enter Trump who basically says I'm a winner and we won't lose anymore, everyone else is the problem and I know how to fix it. He's taken thoughts that many have had and said them openly and without remorse. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans don't care about politics and hardly anyone I know follows anything political after the elections. Why? Because politicians have their own world. Trump is appealing to people because he gives the appearance that he won't play the politician game and will instead do what he thinks is right. Now as absurd as this way of thinking is, I feel that it's how a lot of trump supporters think. I for one feel the bern and hope that everyone sees Trump for what he truly is soon.

  3. I think the best point you make in this piece is that we have no idea what Trump would be like as a legislator. I truly have no clue what his pen would sign on the resolute desk in the Oval. Trump personifies frustration and anger and his message has resonated with the American people for reasons that neither you nor I seem to be able to wrap our brains around. Trump's 'silent majority' is a group of people who are fracturing the democratic process and killing the republican party. I have a hunch though that Trump's executive actions will not be in line with his platform. I can even see him changing his message completely once the general election comes. He is so media savvy that he will likely realize that in order to match up with Hillary Clinton, he will have to move towards the center and away from crazytown. Imagine a debate in which Trump actually beats Clinton on policy issues. I have a feeling that might be coming, but then again, maybe he'll be totally flawed. I think the real problem with Trump is that we can't know what Trump will actually like in office, and frankly that scares me.

  4. I think Trump's most effective element is that he is unchartered territory. People are tired of the status quo; they're tired of every day politicians walking into the White House and not hearing their needs, their struggles, and their hopes. People are hoping to reinvent the political system the selection by putting someone new and fresh and office. Unfortunately, many people see that potential person as Donald Trump. I love the ending to this piece, quotation but please, can the Trump supporters stand up? No one in America knows who you are. " I think many of us would be surprised to know that those two are right in those who are left our current Trump supporters despite the incredible bashing and negative talk. They want him, but they want him secretly.